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Can Contact Lenses Be Worn After LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/18/2022

Wearing contact lenses after LASIK is possible if needed, but laser vision correction surgery should alleviate the need in most cases.


What Happens During A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/17/2021

A comprehensive eye exam features various tests to examine your visual health and the physical integrity of your eyes.


How Does A Person Qualify for Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/19/2021

LenSx® laser cataract surgery can restore your sight by correcting blurriness, fogginess, and other visual disturbances caused by cataracts.


What Does Vision With Glaucoma Look Like?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/17/2021

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of glaucoma here.


What Are the Risks and Rewards of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/16/2021

A LASIK procedure can give you clear vision without glasses. Learn the benefits and risks of laser eye surgery from a board-certified professional.


When Should You Have a LASIK Consult?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/15/2021

Find out when you should reach out for a life changing LASIK consult.


Cataract Removal and Corneal Swelling

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/22/2021

The modern medical miracle of cataract surgery is performed on over 3 million Americans each year.


Seasonal Allergies and Itchy Eyes

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/06/2020

Do you often have itchy, irritable eyes throughout the year? This is likely due to allergies.


Cataract Surgery Care Post Op

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/05/2020

The marvels of modern cataract surgery and how to care for your eyes post-op.


Post LASIK Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/28/2020

Dr. Wilmarth's Dos and Don'ts after undergoing LASIK eye surgery.


California Burning - Air Quality Index & Eyes

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/21/2020

What to do about your eyes and the smokey air caused by the California wildfires.


Pupil Size After Cataract Surgery

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 07/29/2020

When cataract surgery is performed it is essential that the pupil be widely dilated allowing for a full view of the anterior surface of the lens.


Benefits of Bladeless LASIK

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 04/01/2020

Learn the benefits of Bladeless LASIK and how Dr. Wilmarth can improve your vision.


Am I at Risk for Cataracts?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/20/2020

Learn if your lifestyle puts you at risk for Cataracts.


The Effects of Computer Use on Eye Health

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/12/2020

Stare at a computer all day? Read this post for information on how to protect your eyes.


Am I a Candidate for Visian ICL

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/06/2020

If LASIK is not an option for you, Visian ICL might be a fit. Tune in to this post for more info on your possible candidacy.


How Is Visian ICL Placed in My Eye?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 02/22/2020

LASIK not an option. Explore Visian ICL by Dr. Wilmarth.


When should my Child have a First Eye Exam?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/27/2020

Your child's vision is important to his or her ability to do well in school and in social activities.


Signs of a Possible Vision Problem

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/20/2020

There are many different eye conditions and various eye symptoms signifying them.


Vision Research Month!

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/13/2020

The importance of eye health is often overlooked yet it is the second-most prevalent health problem in our country.


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