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Symptoms of Glaucoma

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/04/2019

Are you possibly suffering from Glaucoma symptoms. Tune in here to learn more.


Cataract Surgery Candidates

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/26/2019

Learn if Cataract surgery is right for you in this informative post.


Do I need LASIK Enhancement?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/28/2019

Learn how Dr. Wilmarth can provide greater LASIK results.


Visian ICL Questions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/21/2019

Have questions about Visian ICL? Check out this post for answers.


Custom LASIK pt. III

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/14/2019

Dr. Wilmarth can provide a custom LASIK experience to fit your vision needs.


Beware of Blindness: Leading Causes of Vision Loss

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/07/2019

Learn the leading causes of vision loss.


Cataract Conditions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/28/2019

Learn how a healthy lifestyle can help with Cataracts.


Northern California Eye Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/21/2019

Serving the Greater North California area, Dr. Wilmarth wants to fix your vision.


Blade vs. Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/14/2019

Learn more about LASIK surgery and how Dr. Wilmarth can improve your vision.


Common Eye Conditions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/07/2019

Learn more about common eye conditions and how Dr. Wilmarth can help you.


Recovery from LASIK

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/02/2019

Learn about LASIK recovery from Dr. Wilmath.


What is Blepharitis?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/27/2019

What is Blepharitis and how can it be treated?


How an Eye Doctor Can Help You Drive Safely

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/14/2019

Stephen Wilmarth, MD, offers a number of health and vision correction services to help patients of any age live comfortably with changes to their eyes


Contact Lens Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/12/2019

When to replace your contacts.


Can You Become Allergic to Your Contact Lenses?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/09/2019

Have you been wearing contact lenses for years then all of a sudden your eyes feel swollen and itchy?


Should I switch from Glasses to Contact Lenses

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 07/11/2019

For many, glasses are the right choice. But other people are bothered by having glasses, & for these people, contact lenses can be a great option


Is Laser Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 06/12/2019

Cataracts are most common in people over the age of 60, although they can develop at earlier ages due to a variety of causes.


How to Stay Calm Before LASIK Surgery

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 06/10/2019

The period before any medical procedure can be extremely nerve-wracking.


Protecting Your Eyes This 4th of July

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 06/10/2019

With the coming of 4th of July each year, ophthalmologists tend to see an influx in patients who have suffered from an injury while using fireworks.



Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 05/30/2019

Early detection and treatment are imperative steps for reducing vision loss and other damage from eye conditions like glaucoma.


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