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The Great Benefits of Lasik

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/04/2023

For the past 25 years Laser vision Correction has been the center piece of my eye surgery practice.


Will LASIK Surgery Improve Your Astigmatism?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 05/14/2022

LASIK surgery can treat some cases of astigmatism depending on the patient and their needs. Learn who is eligible for LASIK procedures at our office.


Are There Early Warning Signs of Glaucoma?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 04/25/2022

Glaucoma is a series of eye diseases that often goes undetected until the damage is already underway.


What Can I Do To Prevent Cataracts At Home?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 04/16/2022

Cataracts cause hazy or cloudy vision in patients. Learn how you can prevent cataracts and enjoy healthy eyes for life through our treatment options.


Missed Your Annual Eye Exam? It's Not Too Late to Reschedule!

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/08/2022

Annual eye exams are an excellent way to maintain your eye health. Discover what goes into an eye examination at our cutting-edge office.


Can Contact Lenses Be Worn After LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/18/2022

Wearing contact lenses after LASIK is possible if needed, but laser vision correction surgery should alleviate the need in most cases.


What Happens During A Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/17/2021

A comprehensive eye exam features various tests to examine your visual health and the physical integrity of your eyes.


How Does A Person Qualify for Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/19/2021

LenSx® laser cataract surgery can restore your sight by correcting blurriness, fogginess, and other visual disturbances caused by cataracts.


What Does Vision With Glaucoma Look Like?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/17/2021

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of glaucoma here.


What Are the Risks and Rewards of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/16/2021

A LASIK procedure can give you clear vision without glasses. Learn the benefits and risks of laser eye surgery from a board-certified professional.


When Should You Have a LASIK Consult?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/15/2021

Find out when you should reach out for a life changing LASIK consult.


Cataract Removal and Corneal Swelling

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/22/2021

The modern medical miracle of cataract surgery is performed on over 3 million Americans each year.


Seasonal Allergies and Itchy Eyes

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/06/2020

Do you often have itchy, irritable eyes throughout the year? This is likely due to allergies.


Cataract Surgery Care Post Op

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/05/2020

The marvels of modern cataract surgery and how to care for your eyes post-op.


Post LASIK Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/28/2020

Dr. Wilmarth's Dos and Don'ts after undergoing LASIK eye surgery.


California Burning - Air Quality Index & Eyes

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/21/2020

What to do about your eyes and the smokey air caused by the California wildfires.


Pupil Size After Cataract Surgery

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 07/29/2020

When cataract surgery is performed it is essential that the pupil be widely dilated allowing for a full view of the anterior surface of the lens.


Benefits of Bladeless LASIK

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 04/01/2020

Learn the benefits of Bladeless LASIK and how Dr. Wilmarth can improve your vision.


Am I at Risk for Cataracts?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/20/2020

Learn if your lifestyle puts you at risk for Cataracts.


The Effects of Computer Use on Eye Health

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 03/12/2020

Stare at a computer all day? Read this post for information on how to protect your eyes.


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