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Available Contact Lens Types

Wearing contact lenses gives you the freedom to enjoy your lifestyle without worrying about losing or breaking eyeglasses. People are often weary of contacts because they have dry or easily irritated eyes, but there are many types of contact lenses for you to try.

Call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center in Sacramento today at (916) 850-3060 to see which contact lens is right for you. Dr. Wilmarth can teach you how to properly apply the contacts to your eye and safely remove them during your examination. Contact lenses require daily cleaning and maintenance to avoid eye infections.

Daily Contact Lenses

These are one of the healthiest options for your eyes because you apply a new, clean pair every morning. Daily lenses don't require any maintenance as they are thrown out at the end of each day. They can be used for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They can be tinted if you'd like to alter your eye color as well.

Daily contact lenses are great for an active lifestyle or for special occasions. These lenses also work well with dry or easily irritated eyes, because they are thin and made with silicone hydrogel which allows for maximum oxygen permeability. Although, this makes them vulnerable to tears and damage.

If your eyesight requires an unusual prescription, you may not be eligible for daily contacts. In which case, weekly or monthly contacts could be a better option for you.

Weekly or Monthly Contact Lenses

Weekly or monthly contact lenses are one of the most commonly prescribed options because they can correct many eye conditions and vision problems. They must be cared for and cleaned every day. It's never a good idea to sleep with your contacts in, unless they are made specifically for overnight use.

These disposable lenses keep your eyes healthy as long as you follow Dr. Wilmarth's instructions. Quarterly contact lenses are another type of disposable lens, but they are becoming less and less common due to a higher risk of infection.

Annual Contact Lenses

Annual lenses are thicker and tougher than regular disposable contacts. They are also referred to as Rigid Gas Permeables. You are still required to remove them each night before bed, but they last a year or longer.

Your eye health is extremely important. Failure to clean or remove your contacts will likely result in eye irritation and infection. In severe cases, vision loss and corneal ulcers can be the result of poor eye care. Dr. Wilmarth can tell you the best way to care for your contacts and suggest which contact lens type is best for you and your eyes.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Extended wear contact lenses can be consistently worn for several days or weeks at a time. If you have a tendency to wear your contacts while you sleep, then these could be a good option for you. They can last anywhere from 7 to 30 days.

These lenses are created with the same material as some daily disposable contacts. Silicone hydrogel allows your corneas access to oxygen and prevents bacteria buildup behind the lens.

Implanted Contact Lenses

Dr. Wilmarth offers Visian ICL contact lens implants. This procedure surgically places a contact lens under your iris and above the natural lens of your eye. Visian ICL can be permanent, but is removable. LASIK and PRK alter the shape of your cornea, but the Visian ICL implant leaves your eye intact because it doesn't remove or shift corneal tissue.

If you're interested in contact lenses, contact Dr. Wilmarth in Sacramento today at (916) 850-3060 to schedule your examination. Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center serves clients in the Great Sacramento Area, Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom, California.

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