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Blurry Vision after LASIK

After LASIK surgery, it's normal to experience fluctuations in the clarity of your vision. These fluctuations can include blurry vision, especially during the hours immediately following your surgery. You should notice a substantial improvement in the clarity of your vision during the one to three days following LASIK.

If you have lasting, significant blurriness of your vision or if you are concerned about your vision for any reason, you should contact your eye surgeon. Open communication is the best way to ensure your eyes are healing properly and to address any problems promptly, if they should arise.

It can take anywhere between three to six months for your eyes to fully heal after LASIK. During this long-term LASIK recovery, you may experience vision that is less than optimal, and you may find yourself using eyeglasses for certain tasks. But you should call your eye surgeon if you have any reason to believe a complication has arisen.

There are a number of surgical side effect you may experience in the first few days after LASIK, namely vision fluctuations, dry eyes and halos around light at night. As your ophthalmology team, we will be here to answer your questions and concerns as you heal after LASIK.

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