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Can I Get LASIK if I Have Dry Eyes?

You may be able to have LASIK surgery at our Roseville ophthalmology practice even if you have dry eyes or dry eye sydrome.

Dry eyes do not automatically disqualify you as a candidate for LASIK, but you do need to discuss this issue  with your Sacramento-area LASIK surgeon.

Dry eyes can compromise the results of LASIK as well as cause post-surgical discomfort. LASIK surgeon Dr. Stephen Wilmarth may treat your dry eye condition prior to your procedure, or he may recommend an alternative vision correction procedure such as PRK.

For some patients, LASIK surgery paired with dry eye syndrome causes reduced corneal nerve sensitivity. To prevent dry eyes, our LASIK surgeon may have you use lubricating eye drops after surgery. We may also screen you for dry eyes in advanced of surgery so we can treat any existing condition ahead of time.

There are several treatments for dry eyes. One or a combination of the following may be used to address this issue:

  • Lubricating eye drops before and after surgery
  • Prescription eye drops such as Restasis (cyclosporine) to help you produce tears
  • Fish oil or flaxseed oil taken orally for several weeks to improve your tear film
  • Anti-inflammatory eye drops
  • Punctal plugs to block tear drainage

If you are considering LASIK vision correction in Sacramento but have dry eyes, please do not hesitate to call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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