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Custom LASIK pt. II

LASIK is a safe, increasingly common procedure that people are turning to when they’re tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision problems. Using high technology lasers, doctors can repair problems that have been plaguing you for years. LASIK is no longer an untested procedure with a short track record. It is, instead, widely accepted, and with an impressive safety record.

And now there’s a new, even more accurate and technologically advanced version of the procedure, Custom LASIK. Every eye is unique, not unlike a fingerprint. The Custom LASIK procedure allows your doctor to use a super-precise laser in ways that are not possible with traditional LASIK. With Custom LASIK, an FDA-approved procedure, an entire range of possibilities emerge.

What Is Custom Lasik?

Custom LASIK is broadly similar to the traditional LASIK procedure. However, a few additions make it a uniquely sophisticated procedure.

First, your doctor uses the new WaveFront WaveScan System to create an astonishingly detailed portrait of your eye. Every eye is different, every vision problem is unique, and the entire process by which a person sees is shockingly complex. The WaveFront System allows your doctor to see a detailed, accurate picture of exactly what your eye looks like and what your specific vision problems are. In fact, WaveFront is 25 times more precise than the methods used to measure vision imperfections when prescribing glasses or contact lenses.

The WaveFront information is then fed into the computer controlling a VISX Advanced CustomVue Laser. This allows your doctor to create a LASIK treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of your eyes and which will correct your specific vision problems. This is a level of specificity, precision and customizability that is not possible with the traditional LASIK procedure.

Approved by the FDA, Custom LASIK has an excellent track record, with 92 percent of clinical trial participants capable of passing a driving test without glasses or contact lenses a year after undergoing the procedure. 98 percent of patients with low or moderate myopia could see with 20/20 vision or better without glasses or contact lenses in the same time frame.

If you’re suffering from vision issues in Rockin, Sacramento or any of the surrounding areas and you want to know if Custom LASIK is right for you, please visit the website of Wilmarth Eye Care today.

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