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Custom LASIK pt. III

The structure of each person’s eye is different. The effect this structure has on vision is also unique. In order to achieve greater precision in your vision correction, Sacramento laser eye surgeon Stephen Wilmarth, MD, is pleased to perform custom LASIK.

No two custom LASIK procedures are alike, and Dr. Wilmarth will work closely with you to tailor the surgery to your individual vision correction goals. Call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center at (916) 850-3060 for a free consultation at our Greater Sacramento area office.

What Is Custom LASIK?

Standard LASIK surgery corrects for visual acuity issues such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. However, more complex eyesight problems called higher-order aberrations can distort your vision in a wide variety of different ways that traditional LASIK is unable to address.

Custom LASIK, however, can correct for higher-order aberrations including:

  • Glare

  • Halos

  • Starbursts

  • Double vision

In order to address these vision defects, Dr. Wilmarth will first create a three-dimensional map of your eye. We use wavefront technology at our Sacramento office to measure and analyze the changes that take place as light moves through your eye.

Advanced analysis makes truly custom vision correction possible. Dr. Wilmarth will use the detailed 3D map of your eye during LASIK surgery as a guide to make necessary adjustments to irregularities in the shape of your cornea for improved vision.

Benefits of Custom LASIK

By addressing the unique contours of your eye, custom LASIK can improve contrast sensitivity, fine vision, and more. Wavefront analysis maps a patient’s eye with detail and precision, giving Dr. Wilmarth the ability to perform laser eye surgery with the utmost accuracy.

This level of accuracy translates into a number of benefits for patients, including:

  • Greater likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision or better

  • Stable results – patients are less likely to lose ideal visual acuity and quality over time

  • Lower likelihood of night vision problems

  • Reduced risk of LASIK complications

Patients who were previously deemed unsuitable for laser eye surgery might also be able to achieve ideal vision correction with custom LASIK. By detecting higher-order aberrations, wavefront technology has broadened the parameters of LASIK candidacy to encompass patients who suffer from more than common refractive errors.

To schedule a free evaluation of your eyesight, please contact Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center online or call (916) 850-3060 to learn more about our Sacramento custom LASIK services. Dr. Wilmarth and his team proudly serve patients in Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, and other areas of Northern California.

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