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Do I need LASIK Enhancement?

Patient satisfaction with LASIK exceeds 98%.. However, there are times when ideal correction isn’t achieved or changes to the eye necessitate additional treatment. If you live in Sacramento and you think you could benefit from a second laser eye surgery, Dr. Stephen Wilmarth can evaluate you for a LASIK revision or enhancement.

Your vision could take several months to stabilize after LASIK. During this time you will regularly meet with Dr. Wilmarth so he can assess your healing progress.

Blurry vision, discomfort, and other issues should subside during the course of your LASIK recovery. However, if problems like the following persist, it might be worth considering revision LASIK:

  • Insufficiently addressed refractive error

  • Persistent glare or halos around light sources

  • Diminished visual acuity

Some vision prescription problems become evident sooner than later after laser eye surgery, but others form as a result of simple biology. Getting LASIK doesn’t prevent the loss of near vision at a later age, for example, meaning patients who already had the procedure once might think about monovision LASIK to correct presbyopia.

To determine whether or not you might benefit from a LASIK enhancement, Dr. Wilmarth will perform a custom evaluation of your eyes much like the exam you got before the first surgery. If you’re unable to undergo a second laser eye procedure safely, Dr. Wilmarth can discuss alternatives for correcting your vision.

Dr. Wilmarth is proud to maintain a high satisfaction rate among Sacramento laser eye surgery patients for over three decades. If you’re unhappy with prior LASIK correction, please contact Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center or call (916) 850-3060 today for a free consultation.

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