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How Can I Prevent Eye Infections?

Keeping your eyes healthy is essential for obtaining optimal vision. If you live in or around Sacramento, California, and require eye care, Dr. Stephen Wilmarth can evaluate your eyes and make recommendations to improve your vision and health.

An eye infection is caused by a bacteria or virus.. Infection can also result from injury to the eye due to trauma, burns or exposure to chemical irritants, among other causes.

Eye infections are painful and can be accompanied by symptoms like excessive tearing and difficulty opening the eye. If left untreated, an infection can damage tissue and structures within the eye, potentially leading to impairment or loss of vision.

Visit your eye doctor immediately if you’re experiencing signs of infection. During your visit, Dr. Wilmarth will conduct a full eye exam and provide treatment recommendations to alleviate your symptoms and restore the health and function of your eyes.

If you think you’re suffering from an eye infection and you wear contact lenses, one of the most important things to do is stop wearing your lenses until your eye is fully healed. Disinfect your contacts thoroughly and store them in a clean place until you’ve recovered.

Additional steps you can take to avoid an eye infection and irritation include:

  • Thoroughly washing your hands before touching the eye to insert/remove contact lenses, apply makeup, etc.

  • Not sharing linens or towels with other people who have infections.

  • Shielding your eyes in extreme outdoor conditions, such as high heat or severe wind

  • Wearing eye protection around harsh chemicals

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