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How Diabetes Harms Eyes and Vision

Diabetes injures the tiny blood vessels that bring blood to multiple systems in the body including large arteries, the heart, kidneys, nerves and the eye. The eye complications from diabetes compromises the retina and can only been seen during a dilated examination. If you live in or around Sacramento, California, Stephen Wilmarth, M.D., can provide a wide range of eye care services to help you preserve your vision.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults between the ages of 20 and 75 in the USA, so it’s very important to know how this condition can affect your eyes and when to seek professional help. Please call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center today at 916-850-3060 to learn more about our eye care options.

Symptoms and Conditions

When diabetes affects the eyes, it can cause problems like retinal swelling and blurred vision. If you struggle to control your blood sugar, you may begin experiencing symptoms of serious eye conditions including increasing nearsightedness, new floaters or decreasing central vision.

If you are considering LASIK to correct your vision, but have diabetes, you will need to discuss your options with Dr. Wilmarth. LASIK will not help if you are suffering from diabetic retinopathy, and diabetes can affect other aspects of the procedure, such as slowed healing and a fluctuating prescription.

Protecting Your Eyes from Diabetes

As both a medical doctor and board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Wilmarth is specially qualified to help patients understand how diabetes can affect their eyesight. If you have diabetes or begin experiencing vision problems, it’s important to visit your eye doctor immediately.

Steps for diagnosing the potential effects of diabetes on the eyes include:

Taking a detailed medical history.

Checking your distance and near vision with and without glasses or contact lenses.

Measuring the pressure in your eyes.

Dilating your pupils for a detailed examination of your retina and optic nerve.

By conducting these tests, Dr. Wilmarth looks for evidence of diabetic damage to the eye. After making a diagnosis, Dr. Wilmarth can help you identify treatment options to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Please contact Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center today to schedule your initial eye care consultation. Stephen Wilmarth, M.D., is pleased to serve patients in the Greater Sacramento area, Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom

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