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How Does A Person Qualify for Laser Cataract Surgery?

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Good, clear vision is one of those invaluable gifts that we take for granted; until something upsets it. Then, we quickly notice how it hinders our everyday efforts. Some visual problems can be avoided through routine checkups, but cataracts are an exasperating ocular issue that can't be avoided – they develop with age and have to be physically removed.


But we're dedicated to your ocular and visual well-being. So, we warmly welcome Sacramento area residents to contact us today at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center in Roseville, CA. Our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Stephen Wilmarth, has helped innumerable individuals achieve clear vision and would love to help you as well.


Why cataracts have become one of the world's most notorious ocular disorders


Cataracts are unfortunately all-too-common and the leading cause of blindness throughout the world. In the United States, nearly 25 million adults suffer from cataracts. Cataracts begin developing in one's 60s, and about one in every six individuals in that age range are affected to some degree. It's not an issue of care or hygiene – it's just one of the undesirable facts of the aging process. Good news. Cataract surgery with implantation of an intraocular lens is highly successful procedure with a very low complication rate. Many patients have the option of enjoying better vision after cataract removal than they have ever experienced.


When one reaches their fourth decade, the proteins in the eye's lens begin to degrade. As they progressively deteriorate, they start sticking together. Once these clumps grow large enough, they form cloudy spots on the lens and obscure your vision, causing blurriness and fuzziness. These dark spots on the lens are cataracts and must be removed to see clearly. But don't worry, we'll replace it with a state-of-the-art synthetic lens. So, if you notice such visual disturbances, or find that they interfere with your life, contact our Roseville, CA team at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilmarth.


How the LenSx laser system can help you regain your eyesight and achieve clear, crisp vision


We proudly offer laser-based cataract removal with the LenSx system. This highly advanced technology utilizes integrated optical coherence tomography, a fancy way of saying that it takes immaculate, incredibly comprehensive images of your eyes. It allows us to see all the structures of your eyes in unprecedented detail. This ocular map guides the laser-based surgical procedure with industry-leading precision to give you the best results possible and optimal post-procedure outcomes.


The laser system makes all the incisions with an accuracy that cannot be matched by human hands. Then, it breaks the cataracts along with the clouded lens, The patient is then moved under a microscope and the cataract is removed with 2 tiny incision. A customized intraocular lens (IOL) is then implanted into the lens capsule. These IOLs come in various types and can also correct refractive issues, such as astigmatism, caused by a misshapen cornea.. Furthermore, a premium IOL can liberate you from visual aids, so you won't have to fumble with glasses or lenses. And there's virtually no downtime, so you'll be ready to go the next day, with your visual acuity improving over the following days after your procedure.


Take control of your visual health by exploring your options for laser-based cataract removal


There's no reason to accept the vision loss that occurs with age. Our experts, led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Stephen Wilmarth, will take the upmost care  so you can achieve optimal ocular health. So, contact us today at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center in Roseville, CA. Let us help you thoroughly enjoy life through clear vision, be it at work, school, during your favorite activities, or just spending leisure time with family and friends.

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