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How Long Before I See Clearly After LASIK?

One of the key benefits of laser eye surgery is the limited recovery time after treatment is complete. At our Sacramento LASIK center, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis – you will be able to return home as soon as you’re ready.

The eyes begin to heal immediately after LASIK. However, though some patients might notice changes to their vision on the day surgery is performed, your eyes will need time to adjust before your best-corrected vision becomes stable.

The length of time it takes for vision correction results to become stable will largely depend on the patient’s preoperative vision strength. As with any surgery, more intensive treatments will generally require longer recovery times.

A vast majority of patients are able to resume their normal routine the day following LASIK, though Dr. Wilmarth will provide a list of restrictions you should follow in the coming days, weeks, and months. During this time, your vision will stabilize and the corneal flap will regenerate.

By following all postoperative instructions, you should be able to enjoy a complete and timely LASIK recovery. Dr. Wilmarth will supervise your recovery to make sure the eye is healing normally and your vision is stabilizing in line with the goals of the LASIK procedure.

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