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How to Determine If Your Eye Injury is Serious

Eye injuries are rather common, the American Association of Ophthalmology states that approximately 2.5 million people suffering some form of eye injury in the U.S. each year. Often times, those who have experienced an eye injury have difficulty in determining whether or not the injury is serious enough to warrant the need for medical attention. At Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center, we would like to share some important information to help in determining a serious eye injury.

Signs of an Eye Emergency

Sometimes an eye injury occurs from something as simple as your contact scratching your eye, making it so that you are unaware you even sustained any injury until you start experiencing symptoms. If you feel as if you have something in your eye or are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact Dr. Wilmarth as soon as possible:

  • Loss of vision

  • Double vision

  • Eyes moving out of sync with one another

  • An eye that is bulging or sticking out

  • Burning, stinging or eye pain

  • Redness and irritation

  • Light sensitivity

  • Bruising around the eye

  • Bleeding or discharge from the eye

  • Pupils that differ in size

The most important thing to do in case of an eye emergency is seek urgent medical care. If you have a large foreign object, such as a piece of glass or metal, stuck in your eye, go to the emergency room to seek immediate medical attention.

If you believe you have sustained an eye injury, call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center at (916) 850-9060 to schedule an appointment to see Sacramento eye doctor, Stephen Wilmarth M.D. today!

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