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How to Stay Calm Before LASIK Surgery

The period before any medical procedure can be extremely nerve-wracking. Despite its high success rate, patients considering laser eye surgery can also feel uneasy. Stephen Wilmarth, M.D., has extensive experience helping anxious Sacramento LASIK surgery patients make their journey toward ideal vision correction free from fear.

From your initial consultation, the LASIK surgeon and his or her staff should be accommodating and attentive. Laser eye correction providers who emphasize personalized care and take all the time necessary to answer your questions about LASIK show dedication not only to quality results but also helping patients feel at ease before they even decide on the procedure.

It’s also important to assess the qualifications of the eye surgeon and his staff. The longer the people involved have been conducting LASIK surgery, the better they’ll be able to address your individual goals and meet your needs safely and effectively during the procedure.

Other steps that can help you relax before LASIK surgery include:

  • Educate yourself on what to expect from LASIK
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment; not only will you be more rested and relaxes but this way you won’t have to be stressed by traffic or driving conditions
  • Engage in relaxing activities, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation

Dr. Wilmarth and his team pride themselves on making each patient feel comfortable during their laser vision correction consultation. If you’re nervous about LASIK surgery, please contact Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center or call 916-850-3060 today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Wilmarth is happy to answer questions from patients throughout the Sacramento area.

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