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Maybe you’re tired of dealing with glasses and contact lenses and you’re interested in pursuing a permanent solution to your vision problems. If this is the case, LASIK, a commonly performed procedure with an excellent safety record, could well be an option for you. But there’s also a chance that you, like many patients, have certain worries about LASIK. Many patients report significant fears about the procedure.

These worries are understandable, and a little bit of skepticism is always a good thing. However, many of the commonly stated concerns about LASIK are based on misconceptions about the procedure and do not reflect reality. There a few common LASIK myths that should be addressed before you speak to a doctor about the procedure.

Myth One: It Will Hurt

No surgeon can guarantee that you won’t experience any pain after a procedure, but LASIK surgery is about as close to pain-free as you can get from a surgical procedure. During the procedure, your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic drops that will prevent you from experiencing any discomfort.

Immediately after the LASIK procedure, you might feel a little bit of dryness and itchiness. A nap is usually enough to eliminate this. Long-term, you should not experience any noticeable pain or discomfort.

Myth Two: I Can Lose My Sight

Many patients worry about having a laser perform delicate work in their eyes. This is understandable. But fears of a surgical error leading to a dramatic loss of vision, or even blindness, are groundless. The odds of blindness resulting from LASIK surgery are literally less than one in a million.

Myth Three: LASIK Has No Safety Record

There was a point in the history of LASIK surgery when patients could reasonably say that they were worried about the unknown long-term effects of LASIK surgery. Fortunately, that day has passed. Surgeons have been performing LASIK since the mid-90’s, and the best surgeons have performed the procedures thousands of times. We have a massive sample size and plenty of time with which to draw conclusions. We know that LASIK is safe.

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