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LASIK Safer Than Contact Lenses?

Many patients are hesitant to undergo LASIK because they are concerned about associated risks. As technology and techniques advance, LASIK is quickly becoming the safer option between surgery and a life with contact lenses.

Covering your eyes with contacts every day all day can be detrimental to your eye health Contact lenses, especially extended wear lenses, can predispose the eye to corneal infection which can be sight threatening. Wearing contacts increases your risk of eye infections and deprives your eyes of oxygen. LASIK is a permanent procedure that prevents you from taking these daily risks with your eye care. Some of the more common risks associated with daily contact wear include:

  • Infection: The most common is an infection of the cornea that can be caused by bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It can lead to corneal scarring and visual loss.

  • Conjunctivitis: The swelling or infection of the lining of your eyelids from bacteria and other irritants.

Corneal hypoxia. The only sources of oxygen for your corneas are your tears and the atmosphere. Blocking oxygen from your cornea for extended periods of time can result in hazy vision and more serious problems. Liberate yourself from the bother, cost, and risk of contact lens use by considering the long-term benefits of LASIK.

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