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Post-LASIK Corneal Swelling

Corneal swelling, known as corneal edema, is common during the LASIK recovery period. For most patients, swelling in the cornea is temporary and will resolve on its own over the course of a few weeks.

In some cases, swelling may continue for one or two months, but seldom is edema an issue after week eight. However, seldom does not mean never and, when swelling is persistent or has a severe impact on vision, a revision procedure may be necessary.

When Should You Call our Office for Corneal Swelling?

If your swelling persists for a period longer than four weeks, it is a good idea to call our Sacramento LASIK surgeon to schedule an examination. It is also a good idea to call Dr. Wilmarth if you:

  • Have increasing difficulties seeing out of the swollen eye
  • Experience pain or discharge in addition to swelling

During your follow-up visits, Dr. Wilmarth will examine your corneas to make sure everything is healing as expected. If you are experiencing excessive swelling or if one or both of your corneas are not healing appropriately, a revision procedure can be discussed. This is not necessary in most cases, but it remains an option for patients who have not achieved desired results or who are experiencing more advanced and rare complications following their initial LASIK procedure.

Revision LASIK

Revision LASIK may become necessary when complications arise following laser vision correction. Custom LASIK may reduce the risk of complications and help prevent a revision procedure, but revision may be necessary even after the most highly personalized LASIK surgery. During your LASIK consultation at our Northern California vision correction center, Dr. Wilmarth will discuss all of your options to ensure you are choosing the technique best suited to meet your needs.

Revision LASIK is performed in the same manner as the original procedure and is used to fine-tune corneal shape. Revision procedures can greatly improve vision in individuals who may not have achieved desirable results with a single treatment, but is not needed in all cases. Dr. Wilmarth will help you decide if it is needed in yours.

To schedule your LASIK consultation or your revision examination at our Roseville office, please contact Wilmarth Eye online or call today. Dr. Wilmarth is Northern California’s leading vision correction specialist and he welcomes patients from Sacramento and all surrounding areas.

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