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Visian ICL: More Than a ‘Permanent Contact’

Though it can be helpful for patients to think of the implantable Collamer lens (ICL) as a contact lens that is surgically placed within the eye, this treatment method has several notable advantages over disposable vision correction. Stephen Wilmarth, MD, has extensive experience helping Sacramento patients enjoy superior vision correction with ICL.

Dr. Wilmarth routinely helps patients reach 20/20 vision with Visian ICL. For those who don’t see the correction they hoped for, you can wear eyeglasses or contacts in tandem with the ICL, or explore alternatives like LASIK.

Visian ICL has other key benefits that make it a much more robust correction option than the “implantable contact lens” moniker might suggest, including:

  • The lens won’t shift position within the eye – Dr. Wilmarth will precisely place the ICL where it needs to go, and it will stay there

  • ICLs don’t dry out like contact lenses do

  • Visian ICL is designed to last a lifetime – no more throwing out and switching lenses every two to four weeks

If you’re unhappy with your vision correction, Dr. Wilmarth can easily remove the ICL and discuss other potential treatment options. However, the vast majority of our Sacramento patients have found that Visian ICL provides better long-term comfort and results than contacts.

To learn more about Visian ICL and other advanced vision correction options, please contact Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center or call (916)-507-1709 today to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Wilmarth welcomes patients from in and around Sacramento.

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