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What Are the Risks and Rewards of LASIK Eye Surgery?

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LASIK a medical procedure to improve refractive errors, like nearsightedness or farsightedness. While laser eye surgery is a great opportunity to decrease your need for glasses and contact lenses, not everyone understands the risks and rewards of this procedure. The professionals at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center are happy to discuss the pros and cons of LASIK so you can make a more informed decision.

LASIK surgery was approved by the US FDA over 25 years ago and has a very low complication rate. But it's still important to learn about common LASIK benefits and risks. Now, you can discuss your options when you meet with board-certified ophthalmologist Stephen Wilmarth, MD Our eye care team in Roseville, CA has the experience you need to achieve clear and healthy vision.

What is LASIK?

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. The name itself may seem scary, but the procedure is very simple. In a nutshell, an ophthalmologist uses an advanced laser to reshape your cornea, or the clear part of the eye that shields the iris and pupil. The reshaping allows light to focus on the retina creating sharp vision without glasses or contacts.

What are some common LASIK benefits?

There are more LASIK benefits than you might think. Most people feel relieved that they can enjoy clear vision when playing sports, attending social activities, or going about their daily routines. Investing in LASIK is also less expensive than purchasing new glasses and contacts every year. While the initial cost of laser eye surgery may seem intimidating, it's much more economical in the long run.

A LASIK procedure in Roseville, CA, can help you accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate or reduce your need for glasses

  • Enjoy clear vision regardless of your sport, hobby, or activity

  • Save money and time on contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses

  • Experience fewer eye infections and less irritation from wearing contacts

What about LASIK risks?

Even though LASIK is a very safe procedure with very few complications, there are still some things to be aware of before having surgery. You could experience side effects like dry eyes or the appearance of halos around lights. These side effects are temporary and can be alleviated with eye drops.

Patients should also know that laser eye surgery is not appropriate for everyone. Our ophthalmologist at Wilmarth Eye & Laser Center can perform an exam before recommending a LASIK procedure to ensure your eyes are healthy and fit enough for surgery.

What happens during a LASIK consultation?

Some people think LASIK is easy as picking out new glasses or contact lenses. It's actually more involved than you might expect. Before recommending surgery, our ophthalmologist performs a comprehensive exam to ensure the safety and success of your procedure. After checking for pre-existing medical eye conditions, Dr. Wilmarth will also discuss your expectations, lifestyle and habits. With this information, we can recommend whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

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While the benefits of LASIK are undeniable, patients should inform themselves of the risks and potential complications. Dr. Wilmarth is co-founder and part owner of Horizon Vision Centers with 6 centers in Northern California. He serves as the Medical Director of the Horizon Center in Roseville. Speak with Stephen Wilmarth, MD or a member of his team and arrange a free Medical Consultation. Excellent financing programs are available. An outstanding LASIK program is available right here in Roseville, CA. Our goal is to give you a great experience from start to finish!

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