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What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is one of the most common vision problems in the world. Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is not a disease of the eye, but a refractive error. This means the vision is blurry. Refractive errors may be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction. The best way to detect astigmatism and correct it is through a comprehensive exam of your vision. When you have astigmatism it means that your cornea or lens deviates from the normal spherical curvature. Astigmatic surfaces are shaped like a football. In most cases, astigmatism is a condition that is genetically based. It may manifest as a young person or later in life. Most people develop mild astigmatism from aging beginning in the late 60’s and beyond. Most eyes have a certain degree of astigmatism.

Symptoms of astigmatism may include:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Significant eyestrain or eye fatigue
  • Headaches, especially when trying to focus on near objects such as books or a computer monitor.
  • One eye has more trouble than the other when trying to focus on an object at a close or far distance

If you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, contact Dr. Wilmarth to get checked for astigmatism. Correction for astigmatism typically consists of eyeglasses or contact lenses. For a more permanent solution LASIK or PRK surgery is recommended. There is a common misconception that laser vision correction can’t treat astigmatism. On the contrary, LASIK or PRK are outstanding solutions to blurred vision from astigmatism.

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