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Your LASIK Experience

As a LASIK patient or a person considering the vision correction procedure, it is normal to feel curious or even nervous about the surgery itself. Below, we've described some of the highlights of the typical LASIK patient experience so you can have an idea of what to expect. The LASIK procedure itself is virtually painless and performed in less than a half hour in most cases. For a complimentary consultation with our experienced greater Sacramento and Roseville LASIK surgeon, please call Wilmarth Eye at 916-507-1709.

The LASIK Consultation

If you are interested in pursuing LASIK, the first step is to schedule a consultation with our experienced eye surgeon, Dr. Stephen Wilmarth. As a starting point, you need to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Many people are great candidates for LASIK, but there are a couple factors that could mean the procedure isn't right for you.

During your initial appointment, we'll take measurements of your eyes, review your medical history, and ask you some questions. Using this information, Dr. Wilmarth can determine if you are a good candidate. He'll also recommend any alternatives you may want to consider, and help you make the best choice to meet your vision objectives.

Dr. Wilmarth will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about proceeding with LASIK. He'll provide information about:

  • The risk of LASIK complications
  • What to expect of vision results
  • What you can expect from the LASIK recovery
  • The costs and financing options for the procedure

After this consultation, you may want to spend some time thinking about your options. We'll let you know what steps to take next if you decide you want LASIK.

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

In advance of your surgical appointment, we will provide you with thorough instructions regarding how to prepare for the procedure, such as:

  • When to stop wearing contact lenses (if applicable)
  • What clothes to wear to your appointment
  • Designating someone to drive you home after surgery
  • Lotions, cosmetics and other materials you should not use the day of surgery

When you come to our office for your appointment, we'll make sure all of your questions about LASIK surgery are addressed prior to your procedure.

The LASIK Procedure

The procedure itself is relatively fast, and you shouldn't experience any pain. Numbing eye drops will be administered. During the surgery, you'll look at a target light. Your eyelids will be gently held open with a small retainer which you won’t feel. You won't need to worry about blinking. Dr. Wilmarth will access the deeper layer of your cornea, and then gently reshape the corneal tissue to correct your vision. It takes only several minutes per eye in a typical case.

After surgery, you'll spend a little time in the Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center office. We'll make sure you know what to do when you get home and what to expect as you recover. A follow-up appointment will have been scheduled for you to come back within the next day or so. Once we release you to go home, your pre-appointed family member or friend will take you home to rest.

In the hours after surgery, your vision may be blurry and your eyes will feel irritated. Close your eyes and rest if you can. You should be able to return to work in the next day or two, although you may experience some variation in the clearness of your vision for a few days. After three to six months, your vision should be fully recovered and adapted to the new shape of the corneal tissue.

To begin your LASIK journey by finding out if you are a good candidate, please contact Wilmarth Eye to schedule a consultation with experienced Roseville, Sacramento, Rocklin and Folsom LASIK surgeon Stephen Wilmarth MD

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