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When should my Child have a First Eye Exam?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/27/2020

Your child's vision is important to his or her ability to do well in school and in social activities.


Signs of a Possible Vision Problem

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/20/2020

There are many different eye conditions and various eye symptoms signifying them.


Vision Research Month!

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/13/2020

The importance of eye health is often overlooked yet it is the second-most prevalent health problem in our country.


Diabetes and Medicare Benefits to Save Your Vision

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 01/06/2020

For those living with diabetes, eye exams are critical because of an increased risk of vision loss and blindness.


When Should I See an Ophthalmologist?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/23/2019

Eye conditions can be scary and oftentimes, they require a specialist. Learn why you should visit an Ophthalmologist in this informative post.


How to Determine If Your Eye Injury is Serious

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/12/2019

Eye Emergencies can be terrifying. Learn about emergencies from Dr. Wilmarth in this post.


Symptoms of Glaucoma

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 12/04/2019

Are you possibly suffering from Glaucoma symptoms. Tune in here to learn more.


Cataract Surgery Candidates

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 11/26/2019

Learn if Cataract surgery is right for you in this informative post.


Do I need LASIK Enhancement?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/28/2019

Learn how Dr. Wilmarth can provide greater LASIK results.


Visian ICL Questions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/21/2019

Have questions about Visian ICL? Check out this post for answers.


Custom LASIK pt. III

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/14/2019

Dr. Wilmarth can provide a custom LASIK experience to fit your vision needs.


Beware of Blindness: Leading Causes of Vision Loss

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 10/07/2019

Learn the leading causes of vision loss.


Cataract Conditions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/28/2019

Learn how a healthy lifestyle can help with Cataracts.


Northern California Eye Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/21/2019

Serving the Greater North California area, Dr. Wilmarth wants to fix your vision.


Blade vs. Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/14/2019

Learn more about LASIK surgery and how Dr. Wilmarth can improve your vision.


Common Eye Conditions

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/07/2019

Learn more about common eye conditions and how Dr. Wilmarth can help you.


Recovery from LASIK

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 09/02/2019

Learn about LASIK recovery from Dr. Wilmath.


What is Blepharitis?

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/27/2019

What is Blepharitis and how can it be treated?


How an Eye Doctor Can Help You Drive Safely

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/14/2019

Stephen Wilmarth, MD, offers a number of health and vision correction services to help patients of any age live comfortably with changes to their eyes


Contact Lens Care

Dr. Stephen Wilmarth M.D. | 08/12/2019

When to replace your contacts.


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