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Eyeglasses and Contact Lens in Roseville, CA

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should I get Eyeglasses or contact Lenses?

Roseville, CA ophthalmologist Dr. Stephen Wilmarth is an experienced eye surgeon who has practiced LASIK and other vision correction procedures for many years, but we also welcome patients who prefer more traditional methods of correcting their eyesight. We carry a full range of contact lenses as well as a wide assortment of eyeglasses. The majority of lenses used in our glasses at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center are ground in our Roseville laboratory, making fast service a hallmark of our optical department. Dr. Wilmarth and his staff pride themselves on providing quality, hands-on eye care that meets each patient’s needs, and they encourage everyone to schedule a consultation today. 

what are my options for glasses and contacts?

Before Dr. Wilmarth can discuss options for correcting a patient's vision, it’s important to understand the issues causing eyesight problems. During the initial, complimentary consultation, Dr. Wilmarth will perform a full examination to identify conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurry vision, and other issues. Once the proper results have been attained, Dr. Wilmarth will discuss with each patient on which option is most suitable: contacts or traditional eyeglasses. From there, the patient can choose which lens and/or frame is right for them.

what are the benefits of glasses vs. contacts?

There are a great number of benefits to choosing either contacts or eyeglasses. 


  • Less expensive than contact lenses
  • Do not exacerbate dry or sensitive eyes as contacts can
  • Contacts can fall out and get lost; glasses stay put on the face
  • Frames require less maintenance or special cleaning products
  • Protect the eyes from a host of environmental elements


  • Daily wear contact lenses
  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • Bifocal contact lenses
  • Astigmatism contact lenses
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Basic lenses
  • HD contact lenses

Eyeglasses and contacts FAQs

What are bifocals?

Bifocals are corrective lenses designed to improve vision for people with nearsighted and farsighted vision. Traditionally, bifocals are created by fitting two separate lenses into a single frame. Dr. Wilmarth can determine if bifocals are the best vision correction option for your needs during a comprehensive eye examination.

Who is a candidate for contact lenses?

The best candidates for contact lenses have healthy eyes and do not have severe vision problems. They are willing to follow the cleaning and care instructions for their contacts. Those who suffer from chronic eye infections or similar conditions may need to call Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center to discuss alternative options.

How do I take care of my contact lenses?

Patients in Roseville, CA, who wear contacts should clean their lenses every day before use. Be sure to use only sterile solutions designed specifically for contacts, and never reuse an old solution. It is also important to keep your hands clean when handling your lenses and avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands.

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If you're experiencing blurry or unclear vision, or have difficulty making out objects up close or far away, then contact lenses or eyeglasses could be the answer to your vision needs. Our optical laboratory provides a wide range of options that are tailored specifically to your eyes. Call today for a consultation at Wilmarth Eye and Laser. 

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