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Visian ICL in Roseville, CA

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what is visian icl?

This exciting new technology offers options for those seeking to reduce dependence on glasses and contact lenses. The Visian ICL provides an outstanding quality of vision for those who are nearsighted or those with thin corneas that prevent laser vision correction.  During the initial consultation at Wilmarth Eye and Laser Center in Roseville, CA, board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Wilmarth will explain the different techniques for vision correction in great detail before recommending the ideal option for you.

how long does icl surgery take?

The Visian ICL is a soft, thin lens that is gently implanted behind the iris and in front of the human lens. It is similar in appearance and feel to a soft contact lens but remains inside the eye. Implantation is a reversible procedure and the lens may be removed for any reason in the future without harm to the eye. The implantation takes about 15 minutes under light sedation. There is very little to no discomfort associate with this procedure. Most patients are back to normal activities the next day.

does visian icl work?

Our goal is 20/20 vision and most achieve it within a day or two of surgery. Occasionally patients with unusually high nearsightedness or astigmatism need laser vision correction to finish the treatment and create clear vision. Visian ICL patients are some of the happiest patients in Dr. Wilmarth's practice.

Visian ICL FAQ

Is Visian ICL safe?

Yes, it is. Visian ICL is approved by the FDA to treat a variety of nearsightedness, with and without astigmatism. Worldwide, the satisfaction rate of Visian ICL is above 99%, with stable outcomes for patients with mild to severe myopia.

Does getting Visian ICL hurt?

No, it doesn't. Before he begins, Dr. Wilmarth will place anesthetic drops in your eyes to keep you comfortable. Most patients only report feeling a slight pressure if they feel any sensation at all.

Can anyone get Visian ICL?

The best candidates for Visian ICL include those who:

  • Are between 21 – 45 years old
  • Are nearsighted
  • Have healthy eyes
  • Have good vision with contact lenses or glasses
  • Have thin corneas that preclude them from being a candidate for laser vision correction

The people who are NOT a candidate for Visian ICL include those who:

  • Have an eye prescription that has significantly changed over the past six months
  • Do not have enough posterior corneal cell density
  • Have an anterior chamber depth less than 3mm
  • Have corneal endothelial dystrophy
  • Have blepharitis or uncontrolled dry eye
  • Are pregnant or nursing

How long does Visian ICL last?

Visian ICL can last the lifetime of a patient. However, the procedure is reversible, and the implants can be safely removed if necessary.

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The Visian ICL creates a superior visual quality to LASIK and PRK for those people with highly myopic glasses and contact lens. A small group of patients are unable to undergo laser vision correction because the cornea is too thin. The Vision ICL is a perfect solution. In general Dr. Wilmarth prefers Visian ICL to laser vision correction in those with corrections above -8.00. Vision consultations are complementary and give Dr. Wilmarth the information needed to help you make the best choice for clear vision.

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